F-150 ‘rear end’ squeak!

I have about 12k on my 2013 F-150 that I’ve had for about a year. Most recently I noticed a squeak that seemed like it was coming from the rear. It was noticeable at really low speeds, it wasn’t loud or clunky… only a squeak

I thought for sure it was the suspension because when I jumped on the back of the truck it I could get it to make noise.

It was actually the tailgate pivot points and latch. I sprayed some white grease on the pivot points and the latch on both sides. The squeak went away.


A word from Jeff Cooper on Cats

“Observe your cat. It is difficult to surprise him. Why? Naturally his superior hearing is part of the answer, but not all of it. He moves well, using his senses fully. He is not preoccupied with irrelevancies. He’s not thinking about his job or his image or his income tax. He is putting first things first, principally his physical security. Do likewise. “

Principles of Personal Defense
-Jeff Cooper