F-150 Seat Heater Issues

It’s cold in Michigan! About a week ago my seat heaters stopped working in my 2013 F-150. I have the My Ford Touch (MFT) with heated and cooled seats.

  • Both seats stopped working.
  • The MFT light comes on saying the seat heaters are running
  • I can hear the blower kick on under the seat
  • No Heat

I reseated the wiring harness under the drivers side seat. Swapped a few fuses around under the hood (the seat heater/cooler is a 30 amp cartridge fuse per the manual)

Nothing. Still the same symptoms.

I finally disconnected the negative of the battery and let it sit for about a half hour. Reconnected and now the issue is resolved. Maybe something with the body control module? Maybe Ford will release a software update.




Windows DHCP Server Reporting wrong IP

I couldn’t find much documentation on this from other sources, so hopefully this will help someone else. If you ever need to re-ip a windows DHCP server and they are reporting the wrong address in the DHCP manager do the following (from an elevated/administrative command prompt.) At no point did the DHCP server seem to stop serving IPs, it looks like it was really just displaying the wrong IP.

 netsh dhcp delete server  <FQDN> <Old IP Address>
 netsh dhcp add server <FQDN> <New  IP Address>

Changes will replicate across your domain.wip1

More Range Time