2013 F-150 Electronic Power Steering Issues

So my F-150 FX4 was already in the shop… a few times for its electronic (assisted) power steering.

When I held the wheel straight the truck pulled me into the left lane(or on coming traffic.) It seemed to drive straight, but the wheel was annoying. I took it to the dealership, they said they fixed it, but couldn’t tell me what they did to it. I drove it a few miles and went right back to the dealership(that I bought it from). The service advisor wanted to drive it. We went for a test drive. He told me that they could check the alignment but, the way it was driving normal. At this point- I was pretty frustrated. I have 1500 miles on this truck and the wheel not being straight is just not normal.

They checked the alignment- said everything was fine. I left the dealership after expressing my disbelief(not so kindly at this point.)

I found this post http://www.f150forum.com/f2/epas-terrible-experience-226689/

Finally! Someone with the same issue, I’m not just making things up. I replied to that thread and a Ford customer service manager called me. Told me(I’m paraphrasing) that he is confident in the dealership I went to(Brighton Ford) that they diagnosed the truck properly and feels there is most likely no issue. But if I wanted to, take it to another dealership and have it checked out.

So during lunch one day I took it over to Bill Brown Ford near my work and told them “when I hold the wheel straight it pulls to the left” By 3pm I had a call saying the truck was fixed.

They adjusted the “clear vision” which has something to do with the toe if I understand correctly. My truck finally feels normal- straight wheel, no issues. I’m annoyed that I had to take it to a different dealership, but glad it’s fixed.

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