35 Remington plinking loads

I’ve been looking for a cheaper way to shoot 35 Remington. The full 200gr loads are heavy recoiling and expensive, not so fun to shoot all day.

Experimenting with quickload I’ve found a good load that I like. 158gr Rocky Mountain Reloading 357 projectile over 7.3gr of HP-38(or Win231.) In a time where you can’t find really any 35 Rem ammo, a load comes out to be well under $0.25 per round is awesome for the range. This should give about 1200 FPS at the muzzle and a max PSI of 12000(so use at your own risk, think squibs)

I will get a target posted and group sizes next time out at the range.


(top)158gr RMR 357 bullet (below) 200gr standard softpoint


Yes the OAL is short, but seems to feed just fine.

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