Synology NAS in safe

I recently added a small Synology DS216j NAS to my home network. This gives me some more options for my VMware server and general storage for backup. I configured the Synology box with a RAID1 mirror of two 3TB Seagate Ironwolf drives.

I own a safe that has power, ethernet and USB pass through. I wanted to the NAS inside the safe, but my concern was airflow and temperature. I’ve read some forums telling me this was a terrible idea, but no real world data. From what I’ve researched my safe lets some air in/out around the door until it’s in a fire where in that time the door seal would expand. The safe is roughly 60x30x26″- just over 31 cubic feet, which I hope is enough to keep the temperature down. I may open the safe once every couple days, but generally the door is closed.

I’m about three weeks in with this setup and performance has been great, temperature does not seem to be a concern. I have a full Zoneminder VM running off a NFS share and my Macbook using this as a time machine vault.  I’ve included some graphs from PRTG monitoring the temperature. Drives have been hovering around 30C (86F). I keep my home around 22C (71F) right now in mid winter. I will try to update this post in the summer to see if there is any impact.

Internal Temp Monitor – Constant 40 degrees Celsius

cable management could be a little nicer

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