Jeep Heated Truck-Lite LEDs

These lights are much better than stock Jeep Wrangler lights. Buy them but they are not perfect (see the fit & install.) Light quality is great, cut off looks good.

Emily is coming up on a year in the Jeep. She has mentioned the stock halogen headlights leave something to be desired. Researching replacements brought me to HIDs or LEDs. A large vendor of HID projectors never answers the phone… so I went with LEDs.
One of the problems with LEDs headlights is that when driving during snow, the snow can build up on the headlight. LED headlights do not get warm enough to melt the snow thus blocking the light. The Jeep JK/Wrangler design probably makes this worse because the headlight cups are not very aerodynamic.
Ridged Industries have released a LED with a heating element that keeps snow off the headlight. I went a head an purchased the Truck-Lite 55004 kit, which includes two lights and the wiring harness so they plug up to the JK.

Fit & Install

Driver side, a lot of play. You could physically wiggle the light up/down left/right and it would move a quarter inch. I uninstalled and reinstalled a few times but it is just not a great fit. Called Ridged Industries and they told me to add a little bit of tape for a shim. Not a great answer, but it doesn’t move as much with four pads of tape around the light as a shim.

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