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Jeep Heated Truck-Lite LEDs

These lights are much better than stock Jeep Wrangler lights. Buy them but they are not perfect (see the fit & install.) Light quality is great, cut off looks good.

Emily is coming up on a year in the Jeep. She has mentioned the stock halogen headlights leave something to be desired. Researching replacements brought me to HIDs or LEDs. A large vendor of HID projectors never answers the phone… so I went with LEDs.

One of the problems with LEDs headlights is that when driving during snow, the snow can build up on the headlight. LED headlights do not get warm enough to melt the snow thus blocking the light. The Jeep JK/Wrangler design probably makes this worse because the headlight cups are not very aerodynamic.

Ridged Industries have released a LED with a heating element that keeps snow off the headlight. I went a head an purchased the Truck-Lite 55004 kit, which includes two lights and the wiring harness so they plug up to the JK.

Fit & Install

Driver side, a lot of play. You could physically wiggle the light up/down left/right and it would move a quarter inch. I uninstalled and reinstalled a few times but it is just not a great fit. Called Ridged Industries and they told me to add a little bit of tape for a shim. Not a great answer, but it doesn’t move as much with four pads of tape around the light as a shim.


Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Hard Rock Splash Guard Install Tips


My wife bought a Rubicon Hard Rock, which has some pretty aggressive tires and tends to throw dirt and rocks up onto the body. I ordered the Mopar splash guards/mudflaps (part 82210232 and 82210233) for her, which are designed regular wrangler bumpers. The Hard Rock has some special steel bumpers that are different. The front splash guards fit fine, but the rear fit is a little off.

I’ve seen pictures on forums of the splash guards being attached right to the bumpers like the normal Wranglers, but I mounted mine a little different. I put them as high as I could in the wheel well which to me seems like a better fit. I’ve attached some images on how I’ve mounted them. I did not have to purchase any additional hardware, what is supplied in the kit works fine. I was also able to complete the install without removing the wheels.



BF Goodrich KO2 – 275 70R18


Just had these installed, running at 45 PSI. The ride is smooth, really not any more noise. I’ve noticed on gravel these throw rocks pretty hard. I have mud flaps and wheel well liners so I’m not worried.

Rancho Quicklift Struts for 2013 F-150






Rancho RS999911 and RS999935 Installed for about three weeks. There are videos all over youtube showing how to install these. It was still very difficult and I ended up destroying the ball joint on one upper control arm. It was stuck. To unstick the joint… don’t smack on the arm. I’d recommend you put the nut on and hammer upward. It will pop.


(note this is not my photo)

So far so good. Ride is good truck sits close to level. I’ll post a new photo once I get my KO2s installed.

F-150 Seat Heater Issues

It’s cold in Michigan! About a week ago my seat heaters stopped working in my 2013 F-150. I have the My Ford Touch (MFT) with heated and cooled seats.

  • Both seats stopped working.
  • The MFT light comes on saying the seat heaters are running
  • I can hear the blower kick on under the seat
  • No Heat

I reseated the wiring harness under the drivers side seat. Swapped a few fuses around under the hood (the seat heater/cooler is a 30 amp cartridge fuse per the manual)

Nothing. Still the same symptoms.

I finally disconnected the negative of the battery and let it sit for about a half hour. Reconnected and now the issue is resolved. Maybe something with the body control module? Maybe Ford will release a software update.