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F-150 Seat Heater Issues

It’s cold in Michigan! About a week ago my seat heaters stopped working in my 2013 F-150. I have the My Ford Touch (MFT) with heated and cooled seats.

  • Both seats stopped working.
  • The MFT light comes on saying the seat heaters are running
  • I can hear the blower kick on under the seat
  • No Heat

I reseated the wiring harness under the drivers side seat. Swapped a few fuses around under the hood (the seat heater/cooler is a 30 amp cartridge fuse per the manual)
Nothing. Still the same symptoms.
I finally disconnected the negative of the battery and let it sit for about a half hour. Reconnected and now the issue is resolved. Maybe something with the body control module? Maybe Ford will release a software update.

F-150 'rear end' squeak!

I have about 12k on my 2013 F-150 that I’ve had for about a year. Most recently I noticed a squeak that seemed like it was coming from the rear. It was noticeable at really low speeds, it wasn’t loud or clunky… only a squeak
I thought for sure it was the suspension because when I jumped on the back of the truck it I could get it to make noise.
It was actually the tailgate pivot points and latch. I sprayed some white grease on the pivot points and the latch on both sides. The squeak went away.

2013 F-150 Electronic Power Steering Issues

So my F-150 FX4 was already in the shop… a few times for its electronic (assisted) power steering.
When I held the wheel straight the truck pulled me into the left lane(or on coming traffic.) It seemed to drive straight, but the wheel was annoying. I took it to the dealership, they said they fixed it, but couldn’t tell me what they did to it. I drove it a few miles and went right back to the dealership(that I bought it from). The service advisor wanted to drive it. We went for a test drive. He told me that they could check the alignment but, the way it was driving normal. At this point- I was pretty frustrated. I have 1500 miles on this truck and the wheel not being straight is just not normal.
They checked the alignment- said everything was fine. I left the dealership after expressing my disbelief(not so kindly at this point.)
I found this post
Finally! Someone with the same issue, I’m not just making things up. I replied to that thread and a Ford customer service manager called me. Told me(I’m paraphrasing) that he is confident in the dealership I went to(Brighton Ford) that they diagnosed the truck properly and feels there is most likely no issue. But if I wanted to, take it to another dealership and have it checked out.
So during lunch one day I took it over to Bill Brown Ford near my work and told them “when I hold the wheel straight it pulls to the left” By 3pm I had a call saying the truck was fixed.
They adjusted the “clear vision” which has something to do with the toe if I understand correctly. My truck finally feels normal- straight wheel, no issues. I’m annoyed that I had to take it to a different dealership, but glad it’s fixed.

Installing OEM Ford F-150 Bug Deflector

I haven’t found a great guide on installing the OEM Ford bug deflector/bug shield/hood deflector or whatever it might be called. I installed it on my 2013 F-150 FX4- and it turned out great.
The instructions that come with the deflector are about as great as Ikea assembly instructions- they were all photos.
First start by popping the hood, look for four nuts near where the grille meets the hood. DSC02614You can safely remove them now. Then take the four L-brackets provided and just look at them and the grille for a minute. The brackets need to stick out through the grille(the threaded end should poke through.) Two in the middle are the full non cut brackets. The two on each side will have a small notch allowing them to sit correctly through the grille. To protect your paint Ford provides small plastic 3M pads – where the brackets come through the grille is where you will need to apply those 3M pads. Stick them in place and hand tighten the nuts back on holding the brackets.
At that point I installed the bug deflector hand just snugging up the four screws provided and trying to line up the deflector with the centerline of the truck.
Ford provides two more clips that will hold the corners of the deflector. I lined up these with the holes in the shield. Applied the provided 3M pads to my hood and snapped them on.
There are three cones that will support the deflector that still need to be applied. Line those up with the three yellow stickers on the deflector.
Part: 9L3Z-16C900-A
I bought mine from Amazon
DSC02618 DSC02619 DSC02621