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35 Remington plinking loads

I’ve been looking for a cheaper way to shoot 35 Remington. The full 200gr loads are heavy recoiling and expensive, not so fun to shoot all day.

Experimenting with quickload I’ve found a good load that I like. 158gr Rocky Mountain Reloading 357 projectile over 7.3gr of HP-38(or Win231.) In a time where you can’t find really any 35 Rem ammo, a load comes out to be well under $0.25 per round is awesome for the range. This should give about 1200 FPS at the muzzle and a max PSI of 12000(so use at your own risk, think squibs)

I will get a target posted and group sizes next time out at the range.


(top)158gr RMR 357 bullet (below) 200gr standard softpoint


Yes the OAL is short, but seems to feed just fine.

Marlin 336 35 Remington Misfires [SOLUTION]

I’ve been troubleshooting a Marlin 336 chambered in .35 Remington from the 1950s for over a year now. This firearm has taken a lot of deer in the Michigan woods over the past 40 years, but otherwise isn’t shot other than those 15 days in November.

Occasionally there would be a click but no bang. It appears that there is a good dent in the primer, sometimes a re-strike with the hammer would do it. But it seems to be getting worse. I’ve replaced the firing pin with a single piece, the extractor, hammer spring. All things that if you google for the issue are recommended to solve this solution.

Most likely because the 35 Remington is prone to headspace issues due to the very small shoulder the rifle needs to be headspaced, but I didn’t want to deal with that just yet.

Finally I came across an article by M.L. McPherson that suggested to load with large pistol primers instead of large rifle primers. McPherson has wrote books and many articles on smithing and reloading.

“In my opinion, all .35 Remington handloads for the Marlin should use CCI Large Pistol primers. Due to the relatively low-striker energy, pistol primers give more uniform ballistics, and such modest charges of easily ignited propellants do not require rifle primers.”

I loaded up some 200gr Hornady over IMR 4895 with a large pistol primer.

This seems to have finally done the trick. 100% success rate with these loads.

6.8 SPC Load Data Update

Sierra 110gr Pro Hunter
28.6gr H322
Large Magnum Primer(CCI 250)
Seat to 2.28″

I am using Remington UMC brass(reloaded once before.) Gives me a nice group at 100 yards. Similar to factory Hornady 110 v-max

No flat primers, no signs of over pressure.

6.8 SPC II Reloading

I’ve surfed the web looking for 6.8 loads with Win 748 as thats the only powder I could find at the time. I’ve included the loads in this post. I’ve only tested 29 grains in a 120 SST bullet. However Ive found the load consistently hits high and right vs factory Hornady rounds. I’ll keep looking for some H322.

130 Speer Winchester 748 31gr
110 Barnes Winchester 748 30.5gr
90 TNT Speer Winchester 748 33gr
110 Hornady V-max Winchester 748 30gr
110 Hornady V-max Winchester 748 32gr

bullet powder starting max
120gr Winchester 748 29.0 31.0C

Bullet – Powder – Charge – Primer – COL – Barrel – Velocity
110 H V-Max – 748 – 30 – Rem 7.5 – n/a – 16” 10:1 – 2600
110 H V-Max – 748 – 32 – CCI BR4 – 2.27 – 18” 11:1 – 2574
110 Barnes TSX – 748 – 20.5 – CCI BR4 – 2.3 – 18” 11:1 – 2334
130 Speer SP – 748 – 31 – CCI BR4 – 2.25 – 18” 11:1 – 242