Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Hard Rock Splash Guard Install Tips

My wife bought a Rubicon Hard Rock, which has some pretty aggressive tires and tends to throw dirt and rocks up onto the body. I ordered the Mopar splash guards/mudflaps (part 82210232 and 82210233) for her, which are designed regular wrangler bumpers. The Hard Rock has some special steel bumpers that are different. The front splash guards fit fine, but the rear fit is a little off.
I’ve seen pictures on forums of the splash guards being attached right to the bumpers like the normal Wranglers, but I mounted mine a little different. I put them as high as I could in the wheel well which to me seems like a better fit. I’ve attached some images on how I’ve mounted them. I did not have to purchase any additional hardware, what is supplied in the kit works fine. I was also able to complete the install without removing the wheels.


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