Installing OEM Ford F-150 Bug Deflector

I haven’t found a great guide on installing the OEM Ford bug deflector/bug shield/hood deflector or whatever it might be called. I installed it on my 2013 F-150 FX4- and it turned out great.

The instructions that come with the deflector are about as great as Ikea assembly instructions- they were all photos.

First start by popping the hood, look for four nuts near where the grille meets the hood. DSC02614You can safely remove them now. Then take the four L-brackets provided and just look at them and the grille for a minute. The brackets need to stick out through the grille(the threaded end should poke through.) Two in the middle are the full non cut brackets. The two on each side will have a small notch allowing them to sit correctly through the grille. To protect your paint Ford provides small plastic 3M pads – where the brackets come through the grille is where you will need to apply those 3M pads. Stick them in place and hand tighten the nuts back on holding the brackets.

At that point I installed the bug deflector hand just snugging up the four screws provided and trying to line up the deflector with the centerline of the truck.

Ford provides two more clips that will hold the corners of the deflector. I lined up these with the holes in the shield. Applied the provided 3M pads to my hood and snapped them on.

There are three cones that will support the deflector that still need to be applied. Line those up with the three yellow stickers on the deflector.

Part: 9L3Z-16C900-A

I bought mine from Amazon

DSC02618 DSC02619 DSC02621

8 thoughts on “Installing OEM Ford F-150 Bug Deflector

  1. Bruce Tipton

    Great set of instructions. Thx for taking the time to write them up. Just put a hood deflector on my 2013 Ruby Red FX4 and love it.

  2. Steve

    I am looking at buying this deflector and wanted to know if there is enough room between the shield and the hood to easily be able to clean out pine straw, dirt, etc. that gets between them. I also was interested to know if you had any wind noise issues after you installed this. Thanks.

  3. Locke

    Does anyone know where to find does 3M pads or something similar? Also if able to find the triangle-ish shape rubber protectors that stick on to the shield in between the hood and deflector?

    Thank you in advance

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